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Jake Ashley

Neon DeLorean Poster 24"x36"

Neon DeLorean Poster 24"x36"

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This ultra-bright, high-gloss finish gives your photo a striking 3D look with intense colors and a unique chrome-like appearance. It’s extremely durable and resists stains, scratches, tears, and damage from UV light.

Prints Size [H X W]: 24"x36"

Premium-quality photographic print and printed on 180 GSM paper

Metallic finish gives your photo a 3-D effect – with iridescent colors, Rich blacks, deeper contrasts, sharp details, and an overall metallic sheen. 

Metallic photo prints should be framed without glass. Photo prints with a metallic finish offer incomparable durability. They’re waterproof. They resist stains, scratches, and tears. They won’t yellow or fade from UV. And they won’t be damaged by tape or adhesives.

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